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September 2010 Meeting

The 'Adams Motor' ~

(How to Make Effective Use of the Stored Energy in Permanent Magnets!)

Who: Sergio Bughi

Sergio, has been an electronics and amateur radio enthusiast and experimenter for many years, with an in-depth interest in science and technology and in particular, non-mainstream research in both the natural and esoteric sciences. Some of his many areas of research and experimentation have been; Tesla Coils and Energy Fields, Lasers, Crystals and Orgone Energy Devices, Radio and Optical Astronomy,Permanent Magnet Motor/Generators and, of course, the 'Adams Motor'.

The 'Adams Motor' is one of many permanent magnet DC motors, all having similar claims made by their Inventors implying that the devices are over unity (more energy out than in). This has yet to be conclusively proven, however, there are some strange effects common to many of these inventions to be seen and studied.

The Evenings' Presentation will focus on;

When: Monday 13th September 2010 at 7.45pm.

Where: At Balwyn Library 336 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn. Melway Reference Map 46 E8 (next to McDonalds). Entry via the side door.

Tickets $10.00 (Members $5.00)

Tea / Coffee / Herbal Tea with Biscuits provided.

For more information about this and other ASTRO events contact Sergio or Josephine on (03) 9857-8719 (AH) or write to;

PO Box 4032, Balwyn, Victoria 3103

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