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May 2009 Meeting

Let the Animals Speak!


Who: Dr. Michael Bascombe

Michael graduated in veterinary medicine and surgery in 1984 and went on to design, build and manage his own small animal hospital which he later sold in 2000. Since then, with his focus on holistic veterinary medicine and techniques, he travelled to Indonesia, New Guinea and the US and studied natural therapies and metaphysical healing including Kinesiology and Psychic Surgery. He has taught intuitive animal communication all over Australia and overseas. In 2008, he spent time with American Indian Healers and Shamans to deepen his knowledge and experience the power of ceremony.

Michael has been described as a Horse Master, as he has an inner knowing and connection of where horse spirits reside. He is able to speak to all creatures, plants and the Earth. In his work, the animals have him speak to their carers with profound and helpful messages of healing. Michael believes that animals have the answers to our deepest questions - they are our carers and our gurus. Raising the consciousness awareness of people is at the heart of his work to bring a heightened level of peace, harmony and joy into living, with great gratitude. The animals have the key to this.

When: Monday 11th May 2009 at 7.45pm.

Where: At Balwyn Library 336 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn. Melway Reference Map 46 E8 (next to McDonalds). Entry via the side door.

Tickets $10.00 (Members $5.00)

Tea / Coffee / Herbal Tea with Biscuits provided.

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