ASTRO Networks Vic. Inc.

Alternative Science & Technology Research Organisation

Victoria, Australia

July 2007 Meeting

The Atlas - The First Vertebra

The Body's Gateway to Wellness

Who: Constantin Ioannou

From the very beginning, man has never ceased in his search to fight diseases, reduce suffering and improve his health and well being. The Atlas Adjustment Method discovered by Rene-Claudius Schuemperli suggests a simple, natural application which triggers a process of self-healing and regeneration leading to the rebirth of the human being in its entirety.

Constantin is an Atlas Adjustment Professional, trained and certified at the AtlasProFilax Academy in Switzerland by Rene-Claudius Schuemperli. He is the Manager and Trainer for the Asia-Pacific Region and is also a qualified Masseur and Enar Therapist.

His presentation will focus on;