ASTRO Networks Vic. Inc.

Alternative Science & Technology Research Organisation

Victoria, Australia

February 2007 Meeting

Angels and the Nature Spirit Realms

Who: Dr. Geoffrey Campbell

Dr. Campbell has over the past 20 years lectured, conducted seminars and workshops in Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and India. His works include written observations and hand drawn colour sketches, and images of angels and nature spirits. Of particular interest, he conducts tours of Canberra's National Monument Angels and in Melbourne the Angels of the Botanic Gardens.

Dr. Campbell believes the vast Kingdom of the Angels is all around us. Their world is none other than our own, but we limit ourselves in our cognition and normally don't see nor hear them. Angels and Fairies are beings with bodies, just as you or I have bodies. The essence of their flesh is finer than ours, and appears to the clairvoyant as shimmering light. Of great interest in his talks are the locations and descriptions of places in Melbourne and Canberra that you can actually visit to experience things for yourself.

The presentation will focus on;