ASTRO Networks Vic. Inc.

Alternative Science & Technology Research Organisation

Victoria, Australia

November 2006 Meeting

Introduction to the Teachings of Bruno Groening

Who: Frank Endries

Frank, an Engineer and coming from a rational, technical background, started his spiritual awakening in 2004. Researching various subjects and methods in this area, he was guided to the teachings of Bruno Groening and received help and healing not only for himself but for his family. His wife, Stephanie, a Naturopath who discovered the teachings about 5 years ago also received complete healing of her body from so called 'incurable diseases'. Both are community Leaders in the 'Bruno Groening Circle of Friends'.

Bruno Groening became widely known in post war Germany when he miraculously healed thousands of sick people, most of them instantly. He proclaimed that there is "no incurable disease", and that God is the greatest physician. Teaching people to listen to their body and trust in the divine, he wanted people to become masters of their own life. Even after his physical body died, people were and are to this day, able to receive the healing energy and are healed from disease.

The presentation will focus on;