ASTRO Networks Vic. Inc.

Alternative Science & Technology Research Organisation

Victoria, Australia

November 2005 Meeting

The Philosophy of Spirituality

Who: Charles Reither

Charles is a teacher of esoteric science, philosophy, and theosophy and has researched these subjects for over 35 years. He is the Author of the book entitled 'From Religion to Spirituality'. He also is the CEO of RML Services Management consultancy, and has authored a series of comprehensive human resource management courses and a book entitled 'Human Resources Management' .

Spirituality comes in many forms of legitimate practices and illegitimate pretences. The presentation will identify the essential and practical elements of spirituality as opposed to spiritualism. It will identify all of those topics which every student needs to know about, study, and practise if they want to assume responsibility for their own spiritual development and progress, and become the master of their destiny instead of its victim.

The presentation will focus on;