ASTRO Networks Vic. Inc.

Alternative Science & Technology Research Organisation

Victoria, Australia

August 2005 Meeting

Amateur Radio Astronomy

Who: Clint Jeffrey

Clint , has been an Amateur Radio Operator since the age of 16 and an Amateur Radio Astronomer since joining ASV's Radio Astronomy Group 13 years ago. He has conducted radio observations on Juoiter on various frequencies, and is currently involved in setting up a radio telescope at Officer, Victoria, designing, building and testing a variety of receiver components for a 4 1/2 metre dish. Some of the future radio projects will include communicating from Australia to the USA and Europe by bouncing microwave radio signals off the surface of the moon and back to Earth.

Radio Astronomy is the observation and study of radio emissions from astronomical bodies - stars, planets, ionized gas clouds, distant galaxies and the space between. These radio emissions may be caused by an extremely wide range of physical events occurring on those bodies or in the space between them and us.

The presentation will focus on;