ASTRO Networks Vic. Inc.

Alternative Science & Technology Research Organisation

Victoria, Australia

July 2005 Meeting

The Timely Messages of 'The Phoenix Trilogy'

Who: Viarnne Mischon

Viarnne , author of 'The Phoenix Trilogy', is a writer, publisher and motivational speaker and has held a lifelong interest in wholistic living and practices. She is also an educator and practitioner in the fields of personal motivation and complementary therapies, having trained in several modalities including; Kinesoilogy, Colour Therapeutics and Intuitive Sciences.

Passionately committed to promoting strategies for rapidly creating a sociologically, economically and ecologically sustainable future for our planet, Viarnne has now produced a documentary (in collaboration with her colleague, John Campbell) on the ancient Earth harmonizing science of Agnihotra.

Agnihotra is a science of resonance that purifies the atmosphere and creates a localized biosphere which enhances all living matter existing within the resonant zone - from plants, animals and humans to soil and water. There are thousands of reports world wide of the miraculous results being achived with Agnihotra.

The presentation will focus on;