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Victoria, Australia

July 2004 Meeting

The 'Kabbalah'

Who: Evelynne Joffe

Evelynne is a Director of the 'Institute of Esoteric Studies' and has taught Kabbalah for 15 years. She has lectured on this, and many aspects of philosophy at the Council of Adult Education, and has written extensively on these subjects. She practices as a Counseller and Dream Therapist.

The word Kabbalah literally means 'to receive' and for centuries this secret tradition was handed down as part of the oral esoteric teaching of Judaism. The Kabbalah forms the basis of all of today's Western mystery traditions. The Kabbalah has gained notoriety, in more recent times, due to the fascination that some Hollywood stars have for it. It is not a cult, or a new age phenomenon, or a religion but has been taught, often secretly, for thousands of years.

Key points to be covered on the night;