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Alternative Science & Technology Research Organisation

Victoria, Australia

July 2003 Meeting

Nikola Tesla - The Great Inventor & Mystic

Who: Ernest Wagner

Over the past 40 years, Ernest has been involved in many streams of research including metaphysics, ufology, and alternative technologies, and has lectured extensively both nationally and internationally. He is also the Editor of the Metaphysical newsletter for the Theosophical Society.

Nikola Tesla was a hundred years ahead of his time, and had a photographic memory. He had some extraordinary psychic experiences in his childhood, and as a young man, spoke seven languages fluently. Most of his inventions were not empirical but originated by profound abstract reasoning, an advanced form of intuition. Scientists would say that he lived beyond the border of logical imagination but he proved their assumption wrong by his inventions. Many of his inventions are still classified by the US Government awaiting release at some future time.

The presentation will focus on;