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July 2000 Meeting

Qi Gong - Chinese Healing Techniques


Master Yu Gui Feng, is both the founder of Qi Gong, Feng Style (formerly Baji Style), and a

Feng Shui Master. He first learned these arts when he was eight years old from a famous Family, Master Linchao Feng. Over the years, he has researched all the major ancient classics in the fields of Qi Gong and Feng Shui, which were written thousands of years ago. He has established many centres with fellow masters within China, and he was also the Chief Advisor to the Shantou University Qi Gong Research Association, Southern China.

Qi Gong is based on the miracle life force-Qi energy, it is an ancient Chinese healing technique for promoting better energy circulation, deep relaxation, and eliminating blockages and stress within the body. Qi Gong is validated by overwhelming evidence from scientific research and clinical trials.

 What: Some key points to be covered on the night;

A Very `Energetic' and Informative Evening, Not to Be Missed! See You There!!

When: Monday 10th July, 2000 at 7.30pm.

Where: At Balwyn Library 336 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn. Melway Reference Map 46 E8 (next to McDonalds). Entry via the side door.

Tickets $6.00 (Members $4.00)

Tea / Coffee / Herbal Tea with Biscuits provided.

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