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Alternative Science and Technology Research Organisation

PO Box 4032, Balwyn, Victoria , Australia, 3103.



ASTRO is an acronym for Alternative Science and Technology Research Organisation and has been incorporated since 1993.  It is a non profit organisation with a growing number of members and covers a broad spectrum of topics.


ASTRO Networks has a mission to provide an un-biased forum for the discussion and dissemination of information relating to;-


Alternative Science & Technology

Ancient Mysteries



Health & Healing
Ancient Native Cultures


Other Related Topics

ASTRO Networks presents Guest Speakers who are specialists in their field, and have both scientific and esoteric qualifications.  Some presentations are followed by practical demonstrations.

The meetings are informal and are normally held on the second Monday of each month at the Kew Library, Cnr Cotham Road & Civic Drive, Kew, at 7:45 p.m.  (However, if the second Monday coincides with a public holiday, the meetings will be held on the first Monday of the month).  The annual membership fee is $15.00 per person which covers administration costs.  The monthly meetings have an admission fee for members of $5.00 and for non-members, the admission fee is $15.00.  This covers the cost of venue and equipment hire, tea, coffee, etc.

As an Incorporated Society, we are bound by the Rules of Incorporation and these are available should you require them.

We hope you find ASTRO Networks presentations interesting and informative, and enjoy the company and support of like-minded people who share your interests.  We hope you can support ASTRO.

If you require further information about becoming a member and other ASTRO events, write to Sergio Bughi at ASTRO, PO Box 4032, Balwyn, Victoria , 3103 or email or telephone Sergio or Josephine on (03) 9857-8719 (AH) no later than 9pm AEST.

Please visit our sister organisation ; ASTRO S.A.


Presentations for 2019

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Previous Meetings


December 2018 Christmas Get-together 

November 2018 Understanding Spirituality, Life Purpose & Love 

October 2018 Toxins Affect Us All ~ How You Can Minimise Toxins, the Effect and Stop them Affecting your Health 

September 2018 Geomancy/Dowsing ~ Balancing the Energies Around your Home 

August 2018 The Awakening Process and the Various Forms of Interference 

July 2018 Alternative Energy Systems & Sustainable Living 

June 2018 Always Open ~ A Solitary Life with Spirit  

May 2018 Ayurveda ~ A Divine Way of Life  

April 2018 The Soul’s Journey through the Tarot

March 2018 2018 Year of the Dog ~ Your Destiny, the Tools & Remedies  

February 2018 The Power of Crystals ~ Experience Crystalline Energy for a Better Life  

December 2017 Christmas Get-together 

November 2017 How to Have a Healthier, Happier Life through Food and Nutrition 

October 2017 UFO Phenomenon 

September 2017 Future of Physics ~ Electromagnetic Radiation 

August 2017 Feng Shui Fundamentals and How it can Benefit your Life 

July 2017 Energy Matters! 

June 2017 Heal Yourself  

May 2017 Pendulum Dowsing for Healing  

April 2017 The Extraordinary New Technologies of Mehran Keshe and his Understandings that are Transforming our World

March 2017 Quantum Consciousness ~ Journey’s into Alternative Realities, Parallel Lives and Other Dimensions  

February 2017 The Electric Universe & Future Science  

December 2016 Christmas Get-together 

November 2016 Using Numerology to Enhance your Life 

October 2016 Heavenly Paracus Skull DNA Testing & New Investigation into Starchild Skull DNA 

September 2016 Heavenly Vibrations ~ A Night of Mediumship 

August 2016 Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit ~ A Combination of Practical Indian Head Massage Technique & Nutrition to Enhance your Wellbeing 

July 2016 Tesla Metamorphosis ~ Healing and Consciousness Evolution 

June 2016 Holistic Renewable Energy Systems ~ How to Live without the Centralised System  

May 2016 Archetypes and Levels of Consciousness  

April 2016 Finding the True Cause of Disease with Medical Intuition and Trance Channelling

March 2016 ‘Crystals’ and their Practical Uses  

February 2016 Australian Bush Flower Essences  

December 2015 Christmas Get-together 

November 2015 Astrology ~ An Introduction to a Vastly Complex Field 

October 2015 ‘Strange Universe’ 

September 2015 Developing a Theory of Everything 

August 2015 Anthroposophic Medicine ~ An Introduction to the Threefold 

July 2015 The Multiple Aspects of Rudolf Steiner ’s Anthroposophy 

June 2015 Vedic Astrology  

May 2015 Aspects of Spiritual Mediumship ~ A Personal Perspective  

April 2015 Sacred Geometry and the Unified Field Theory / Fractal Space Time

March 2015 Are Modern Technologies in Your Home Making you Unwell?  

February 2015 The Journey from Hypnoenergetics to Quantum Consciousness  

December 2014 Christmas Get-together 

November 2014 Practical Applications of Biodynamic Agriculture 

October 2014 Melbourne UFO Sightings / New Theories 

September 2014 Space-Weather Magnetometry / Railway Magnetometry 

August 2014 Mediumship and the Nature of our Soul 

July 2014 ‘How Could I Live Without Dowsing?’ 

June 2014 The End of the Alien Overlordship!  

May 2014 The Leon Mow Radio Observatory  

April 2014 Vibratory Shamanic Healing & Crystal Energies

March 2014 ‘The Discovery of Ancient Structures Around the World’- A Film Night!  

February 2014 ‘Memoirs of My Extraterrestrial Journey’  

December 2013 Christmas Get-together 

November 2013 Numerology Can Change Your Life! 

October 2013 New Series from the Science Channel Titled; ‘The Unexplained Files’ 

September 2013 ‘The Future of Physics’ (Part 2) 

August 2013 Radiant Energy Systems 

July 2013 Pleaidians Guidelines on How to Improve Your Life 

June 2013 ‘The Future of Physics’ (Part 1)  

May 2013 ‘Astronomy & Astrology Combined’  

April 2013 ‘The Entire Planet is Poo-luted!!’  

March 2013 Voyagers I & II, Keylontic Science & Kathara Healing Technologies  

February 2013 Contact with Extraterrestrials  

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